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Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Question

So I was out last night at a launch party for a website devoted to natural hair care (Check out the review on Product Junkie Diva's Blog) and I had the opportunity to meet some new people as I took in the great atmosphere and fabulous music. As I made small talk, I realized whenever you're in these situations (also at family functions) there are certain key questions that come up. It may start off with how you know mutual friend(s), how'd you get to the hotspot, what do you do for a living, where do you live/work, and dang it don't forget the number one conversation starter THE WEATHER! Family members just cut to the chase and ask this question after saying hello lol. Once you've covered those topics, it's evitable that what seems to be the most interesting question that people may want to know is (drum roll please!!!) Are you dating anyone?

Now maybe it's just me, but I never ask about whether or not you have a "Boo" unless you happen to mention it in conversation. However, for some reason this loaded question can be a hit or miss for some people. I've seen the glimmer of interest leave the conversation when you inform them you're not in LOVE and happy or if for some reason you inform someone you are dating they have this "oh ok whatever...can you not be so happy, cause I'm single" look. Why do people feel they HAVE to ask that question?? Does it somehow give you brownie points if you're attached??

How do you feel about this question whether it's being asked by a co-worker, a friend you haven't seen you in a long time and it's the 1st question on their lips, or your Mama/Family Members who's dying to marry you off? Or do you think it’s not a big deal at all?


PBW said...

I'm married so the question for me is always, "When are ya'll going to have kids?"

Been married 21 years and it's still the first thing out of relatives mouths.

I watched the video on PJD's blog. Your skin is flawless. What do you use?

Anonymous said...

I am never asked about being married. People always want to know what I do for a living. The next question (always assuming that I have a spouse/significant other) is what does your husband do?? I am a woman of a certain age and I guess it is assumed that "I got somebody". By the way I never ask I always wait for it to come up in conversation.
You look wonderful in your debut shot in the video! Holla

Anonymous said...

I don't always like for folks to ask me questions about my "love life". However, it is in people's nature to be nosy. Personally, I don't really dabble into people's affairs like that because you never really know what type of feelings may resurface. I am fresh out of a relationship with a young woman that I loved very much, so the last thing I want someone to ask me is "What happened to you and *******???"

Nosy people simply need to mind their business and stop trying to get into other people's business...that's probably why they don't have anyone now! LOL!

:::Marcus LANGFORD:::

Product Junkie Diva said...

LOL at Marcus' comment. I don't really ask that question of others. I get "you are taken right" which I guess is the same question but for some reason it feels different to me and I don't really care. If they said " you don't have anyone right" I would probably be
People are going to be nosy you either answer them or you don't I don't get to fed up with this question.
Thanks for the link Diva!!!
Product Junkie Diva

c said...

This as you said is an inevitable question as it pertains to friends and loved ones as they are obviously concerned with your welfare and it sucks ass because there seems to be no right answer to pacify people and it inevitably leads to more questions as to why this part of your otherwise possibly together life is in disarry.

James Tubman said...

we live in a voyer culture

everyone is too busy being in everyone elses business to live their own lives

we are apart of the reality TV generation

we thrive off of knowing everything about other people

it's sickening sometimes

but im nosey so i like it lol

Kelle Michelle said...

I think its rather odd.. I think to myself " WHY IN THE WORLD DO YOU WANT TO KNOW", but I answer because i like to talk about my boo as much as possible lol

Just_Wondering said...

@Pbw-After 21 years they are still asking that question! If I were them I'd wait till you announced that news lol

@DPC- Dag people are so NOSY! (Ok I'm one of them lol) but not with people I just met! I see that we agree on waiting till the information is given in convo. Thanks for checking out the video!

@Marcus-Oh Marcus you hit the nail on the head when stating that budding into people's may bring some unsettled feelings! I'd hate to start crying or suddenly get angry because someone brought up the guy i broke up with recently. LOL@ minding Your Bizness!

@PJD- It's interesting that people assume you are taken. Maybe its the aura you send out...Can I have sum of that. Dat might come in handy sometimes Hahahaha j/k

@C-I know our families care about our impending future in finding love but HOW MANY times do you have to ask. If you find love i'll just tell you! lol Your so right about having everything else but Love in order in your life...and some people like to remind you of that by asking the questions over and over and over again...

@James- Oh James I'm nosey! lol but sometimes you know not to stick your nose into certian situations.

@Kelle- Spoken like a girl smitten with her Boo! Even when I'm dating someone I wonder why you wanna know! Is it just more fun/interesting talking about a significant other...I want you to find me interesting all by Once I'm comfy and I know where you're coming from..I'll start talking about my Boo :-)