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Saturday, June 21, 2008

That Moment

Do you know that moment…................?
That single moment after you’ve applied that last bit of makeup and you put the pencil or brush down….you lean back just a bit to get the full affect of the finished product. There’s this small burst of emotions which include excitement, satisfaction, and confidence all at once. I’ve always felt that makeup shouldn’t make you feel like you're hiding behind a mask, but to reveal something that seemed invisible become crystal clear.

I recently had the opportunity to try a new cosmetic line hoping that I’d get that moment I just described. Thevi Cosmetics is a unique line that targets the New Ethnic Market—every light to-dark skinned woman of Asian, South Asian, Hispanic, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean descent. It’s described as a sleek, modern line of innovative cosmetics which includes rich, vibrant shades that are joyful to wear. Their line is described as “Inner Beauty Made Visible.”

I wanted to find out if all they had described on their website was true. I happen to have dark chocolate brown skin and at times it is difficult to find shades that suite me. When I received my samples from the Thevi line, I was very thrilled!! I found the sleek chrome cases very enticing. I couldn’t wait to try everything out. I gave them a short list of items that caught my attention on their website and they were gracious enough to fulfill my request. I received Matte Shadow in Bordeaux (left), Moss (right) and Triple Split Shadow Bistro (middle)

I also received Longlasting Eyeliner in Onyx (black) and High Impact Lipstick in Drama (left) and Brownie (right)

The first thing I tried was the eyeshadow and eyeliner because my eyes are my bestfriends in the land of makeup! When I opened the lid for the Matte Shadows in both colors, I immediately became disappointed because I instantly knew it was not going to work out….(oh boy) My heart sank as I attempted to apply both eyeshadows on my eyelids only to find that my dark chocolate eyelid remained the same color. *sigh* I didn’t give up hope and moved onto the Triple Shadow which did appear! Hooray!!! The lightest shade gave my eye a hint of sparkle that would be delightful to wear during the day! So after trying all the shades Idecided that it was keeper along with the eyeliner.--->

Now onto the lipstick!!! Ok that was me being excited before I put it on and this is the part I didn’t want to come to…LOL I’m sad to report that it did not go over very well. I found both colors to be way too light (almost a glow in the dark effect)for my skin tone that I couldn’t stand to look at myself with it on in the mirror. Eeeekkkk! lol That certainly is not the feeling I want right? However, I must admit that the lipstick glided on my lips effortlessly, felt amazingly light and they were moisturized! It also has a nice gloss to it that doesn’t make you run to get some clear lipgloss! Although I did not like the lipstick for my skin tone, both shades did come in very vibrant and rich colors as described on their website. Below are my lips with Browie on with just one application. I couldn't bring myself to show you what it looked like with two on.

I couldn’t bring myself to write this review without "showcasing" some of the colors that I do enjoy wearing so that Thevi Cosmetics has an idea of the look I try to achieve. My eyes need hints of sparkle at all times as to draw attention to them! lol I tend to lean towards VERY dark rich colors that compliment my lips (mostly in the brown lip gloss family) I think lipgloss is the next best thing right now, so if Thevi had a line of gloss with just a hint of color I'd pick from those rather then the lipstick. Below you will find pictures of what I like to wear on my eyes that I feel compliment my skin tone and make my eyes POP! In addition, you will also see the only red lipstick I own and feel comfortable wearing.

So there you have it. Thevi didn’t work for me and I tried it knowing that the women they are targeting may in fact have skin just as dark as mine. However, I may have my Hispanic friend who is very fair skin give it a try!

So tell me how do you feel after you finish putting on makeup?? What is that moment like??

Thanks for reading my review!


Product Junkie Diva said...

LOVE LOVE LOve the thorough review..thanks so much. I wonder if any of your readers have tried this line.
I think red is a very difficult color for me as well, everything isn't for everyone. Your eyes look amazing by the way...
Thanks for this report.
Product Junkie Diva

nywele said...

Thank you for the review:)
those colors are gorgeous and the red looks great on you...

when I am done applying make-up, I have one of these 2 reactions

a) aaaw..i look pretty ( i know, we shouldn't rely on make-up to feel pretty but I never underestimate the power of bronzer)

b) i can't see nothing...i.e i love make-up,i think i am good at applying it but sometimes when I take pictures, I feel like i am wearing nothing...i don't know if i should go heavy on the application but then i don't want to look overdone...

Miss Pretty said...

I kind of liked the reddish lipstick on you but thats just my opinion. It seems that you have a flawless complexion that requires no make up but being a woman of color I can understand the frustration of wanting products that are made for you!

This weekend I was getting ready to attend a wedding and I did everything that I always do as far as make up but this time when I looked up at the mirror I didnt believe it was me! I felt that I looked so beautifu! It was a moment that I will always remember!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for a great review! The pictures were really helpful too. They made it easy to see what you were talking about. Your skin tone is really beautiful! Sorry to hear you were not fully satisfied with the products. Let us know how the colors worked out with your Hispanic friend. Great site. Keep up the good work!


Just_Wondering said...

@PJDiva-Thanks I'm trying to keep up with you along with other beauty bloggers! lol Thanks for the compliment on my eyes!

@Nywele-Makeup brings out the features that are unique about your look so if you feel that "awwww I look pretty" its ok because you are stylin and profiling your look lol I think maybe you need to find a happy medium where you can see the makeup but not make it look overdone! I have to put a lot for it to show up lol

@ Miss Pretty- I loved your comment about putting on your makeup for the wedding! That moment must have felt great cause it caught you by surprise!

@V- Thanks for the compliment! I will try and see if my friend will try the products! I'll keep you posted.

Anonymous said...

oh i love the different color of shades on your eyes....very pretty

Just_Wondering said...

@kin'shar- thanks for the compliment and for stopping by to visit

Dominican Enigma said...

beautiful colors. I've never heard of Thevi but I will have to check them out soon!

Calming Corners said...

I had a moment this weekend. I don't wear make up too often, but more than I used to. I went from just lipgloss to foundation and this weekend I put on some green eyeshadow to match a shirt and after I stepped back I was like WOW, this is really nice, I was loving the compliments as well :)

Amina said...

thank you for the tips :)
I am slowly trying to find a medium:)