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Sunday, September 28, 2008

What If.........

"There's a cute guy who happens to get on the elevator on the 6th floor when I go to lunch around 1:15pm..he's always with a client or with a group of people...."

"Wow every time I see that guy at the library he seems so focused on his school work and I find that really attractive."

"There's a girl who comes into the bookstore where I work who takes my breath away every time I see her...but I don't think she'd date a guy like me."

"I've been friends with this woman that I've known for the past 3 years and although I've always found her attractive I don't think she'd ever see me in a romantic way."

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you see someone that has caught your eye but they have no idea you exist….You may see them at the company luncheons because they work in a different department…or a customer that happens to shop on the same days you do at the local supermarket.

So I was wondering what do you do…or should I say what have you done to get someone’s attention. Did you drop that orange hoping they would pick it up and strike up a conversation? Have you ever “appeared” to have a problem so that you could ask them for help?

For the Women I ask: Would you prefer to be approached or wait to be noticed?

For the Man: Do you ever wish that woman would approach you or do you prefer to make the 1st move?

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Under The Weather

Hey Everyone,

I'm a bit under the weather so I'm laying in my bed right now typing this post on my phone...So I'm going to keep this short and challenge you with a question that I was wondering about over the weekend.

When you have reached the end of your time here on earth..

What would you want people to remember about you??

What would you hope people would say about you as a person?

Hit me with something to read while I recover!

Thanks for Reading!

Just_Wondering :-)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Moderate Comments

Hey Guys,

From now on I'll be moderating my comments because random people have recently been posting nonsense on my Blog! So I just wanted to give you a heads up. I really didn't want to do it but I have no choice.



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Choices and Consequences

Elle had locked herself in the bathroom even though she was all alone in her apartment.. She looked in the mirror and began sobbing uncontrollably. Her mind was reeling and she couldn’t think straight. She lowered herself and sat on the lid of the toilet bowl and stared at the wrappers and the plastic indicators that had all confirmed something she feared would not happen at this stage in her life. She was pregnant……Elle took a total of six home pregnancy tests because as she took the 1st one to the 5th one, she was convinced that they were all wrong. How could she have been so stupid, how could she have thought that this couldn’t happen to her. She couldn’t bring herself to leave the bathroom, because if she did…it would mean that the truth would be released into the world. Once she crossed that threshold, she would officially have to be held accountable for her actions and deal with the consequences.

Elle took a piece of toilet paper and wiped her tears away. She slowly collected all the remnants of the pregnancy tests and threw them in the trash. It was time to face reality…she reached for the doorknob…as she turned it…. her heart sank because she had no idea what her life would be like in the next couple of months.

Elle felt alone and scared. She sat on her bed and thought about the past couple of months. You see…Elle had loved her life up until this point. She was in her last year in college, she had tons of friends, and was looking forward to the future. She knew she didn’t really want to be in any serious relationships so she dated whoever caught her eye. Her mind rewinded to a series of images in which she tried to remember when she could have conceived the child she was carrying.

Was it Gerald or Daniel? She had kept both relationships with these men within the last 3-6 months, yet she couldn’t bring herself to break ties with either one. The tears began streaming down her eyes again and she thought “HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN!!!” This is not what she wanted right now. Why wasn’t she smart enough to have asked them to wear a condom? In the heat of the moment it all just felt so right and so good.

Her plans for the future are forever altered…She had always imagined she’d have children when she married the love of her life. Never did she think that she may be a single mom.

Elle picked up the phone and dialed Gerald’s number……

“Hello, Gerald….We need to talk….Can you come over to my place?”

After speaking to Gerald, who was on his way over, she picked up the phone yet again but this time to dialed Daniel’s number. She’d have to tell Daniel over the phone because he had gone back to North Carolina to finish off his last semester of college.

“Hello Daniel….I’m pregnant…..”

Words From Just Wondering

Over the years I’ve witnessed a few situations in which women have found their lives forever changed because they made the wrong choices about protecting themselves from sexually transmitted diseases and unexpected pregnancy.

Have you ever been in this senerio?

In your experience what were some of the reasons why some women in your life who were in this situation didn’t protect themselves?

If you were Elle’s close friend what would you tell her about her situation?

Who Is Just_Wondering?

Hey Bloggers, Anonymous Commenters, and Lurkers that come and read but are too afraid to comment lol...I just realized that I’ve started this blog roughly 6 months ago! My friend Product Junkie Diva helped me start this entire journey and I’m so happy that she convinced me to do a Blog. I call it my outlet because it gives me an opportunity to share my thoughts on topics I find myself chatting about with my friends and family.

So here’s the deal! I’m going to give you guys the opportunity to ask me questions about whatever you’d like to know (not that I’m all together that exciting) but sometimes its good to tell people a little about yourself so that they can know more about the person behind the Blog. So here is your chance!

Post a question as a comment and I’ll do my best to answer it!

Thanks For Reading and I'm looking foward to your questions (uh oh I'm scared now lol)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Those Words Hurt So Much

Oh my Goodness…..I said something I shouldn’t have said. How could I have let my anger, my emotions, my pain get the best of me? Why didn’t I just take the time to think about it before the words flew out of my mouth? What do I do now? All I can think about is how she feels right now. What would it be like to hear those words coming out of her mouth?

Words are very powerful…They can build confidence and can also make you feel lower then you’ve ever felt. Words can stay with you and you can hear something hurtful being played in your head over and over again. Someone can trigger a distant memory by mentioning a phrase that can have your mind reeling for the entire day and can also lead to sleepless nights

I said something hurtful two weeks ago to someone that I care about. In that moment when it happened, I couldn’t contain how I was feeling. I couldn’t bring myself to pick up the phone to say what I wanted so I opted to send it via text (something I don’t recommend but under the circumstances I really didn’t want to speak on the phone) So I typed one word after the next as I felt like I was giving birth to a ball of pain. Although I care about this dear friend of mine, I didn’t really take the time to choose my words wisely. I wanted to express one thing….but in turn I communicated something totally different. In the end, my friend was hurt.

See I didn’t know how bad it was until I took a break for a few days because I was hurting too. I prayed about getting my peace back and then thought that it would be best to meet up. When we met up and we talked about everything….Oh My….I really made my friend feel horrible…I did all that I could to fix the problem…I said sorry….I explained my actions….I wish I could take it all back….but I couldn’t.

So I went home thinking about how much my words weigh…How they would have felt if thrown in my direction from someone who I thought cared about me? I wanted to pick up the phone and say that I was sooooooo sorry…over…and over…and over again.

How do you fix the situation when you’ve said something hurtful?

Do you feel you should say sorry just once?

Do you ever try to put yourself in that person’s shoes?

What have you learned after the situation was repaired?

I've been Gone...But Now I'm Back!

Hey Everyone,

Ok I feel horrible because I haven't posted in such a long time! I took a much needed vacation and a mental vacation too. Sometimes when you do so much you don't take the time to slow down...stop...and wonder why you are always running. I went away to Florida for a few days and I thought about so many things about my life and when I came back to made a few changes and set some goals for myself.

So thank you all for reading my blog...Thanks for coming back...Thanks for commenting... Thanks to Amina (you're always the 1st to post lol), Product Junkie Diva, Calming Corners, Marcus, Frugalista Files, Therapeutic Musings, my newbies Laughing808, and Silverback, and my Anonymous Crew that come by whenever I tell them I've posted something new!

I encourage all of you to subscribe to my blog because to be honest I try and post at least once a week but sometimes things get a little crazy on my end. I'm sorry about that, but if you subscribe on the left side of this page you'll be "in the know" about what I've posted asap.

Thanks so much for making this experience so great!

Just_Wondering aka Myriame