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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Who do you run to in times of trouble?

Sometimes when people come to me for advice I try my best to listen to their situation and give them my honest opinion about what I think they should do or what I would do in their position. Being that I have friends from different cultural backgrounds and religious beliefs I try my best to be as open minded and respectful of where they may be operating from. But sometimes I tend to leave the conversation wanting to tell them the first thing I do when I have a problem whether big or small.

When I’m annoyed, when I’m pissed to high heaven, when I feel like no one really understands, when no one is listening (no I mean when they really aren’t), when I feel like I’m sad and nothing could lift my spirits, when I’m so hurt and I don’t want people to see me cry when I’m alone in my bed at night, when I’m disappointed, when I’m so confused and nothing seems to be going the way I thought it would….I pray…….

I pray to Almighty God and tell Him all my garbage and release all the weight I’ve been carrying around with me. It’s too darn hard having to worry about every single thing. When I’m stressed out I’m running all kinds or scenarios in my head trying to come up with a solution and then I come up empty. My head feels big and I feel like I’m out of control. I even have re-occurring dreams that usually demonstrate that I’m trying to take hold of a difficult situation and I JUST cant do it…I lose control. These are the feelings I’d get in the past and I’ve gotten much better as I gotten closer to God.

God and I… we’re like milk and cookies, the sun taking comfort in the sky, sand and the water, words on the pages of a book, a key to a lock! I’m going to stop there because I’m sure you get the point lol I don’t go anywhere without Him, I know he’s listening to me, we’ve had this love affair for quite some time and the bond we have is getting stronger and stronger as each day passes. Sometimes I get a little ahead of myself and think I could handle my issues on my own but then when the burden gets to heavy I drop that load of drama at his feet lol He knows just what to do with it. He has control over everything to do with me and the world around me. It makes me sleep better at night and I know things are being taken care of. I have faith….Faith in God is what gets me through the good times and the bad times.

So you see sometimes my first instinct is to tell someone to pray about their woes, their situation, or their sickness that seems to be too much to handle. I tell them what I do....I feel like when you pray God is already on the job even before you finish talking to him. It doesn’t even have to be something long and elaborate. You just have to believe that he’ll will come through for you and speak to him like you would your best friend. He wants people to run to him like a child who looks for comfort from a parent after falling down and getting hurt. So that’s what I do….But I realize that many people can’t fathom believing in someone that they can’t see. God doesn’t seem real to them or people are afraid of religion. Religion is really a topic people tend to stay away from.

So I wanted to ask everyone…

Do you find that talking about religion and your beliefs is taboo?

Why do you feel like it may be a topic that people don’t want to discuss?

Do you feel like there is power in prayer and that God will answer, or the idea of believing in God is ridiculous?

When you have a problem who do you turn to first? When you feel like you’re heart is heavy and you feel like no one would understand who can you possibly tell? Who do you turn to?

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Final Answer...To Blog or Not to Blog

Below you'll find the answer to my question regarding whether or not I should continue to blog. I did my respond in a form of a video. I hope you enjoy watching and that you'll find my babbling entertaining lol

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