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Monday, May 26, 2008

Hold on...Someone Just Texted Me

I love texting.... Honestly I reallllly love texting. I mean I feel like it's the most amazing way to keep in touch with people and I send at least 50+ texts a day. I remember when my friend got a texting plan, (I still had an ol'school phone) and she kept sending me texts. I was super annoyed with her because I felt like she was adding unneassary charges to my bill lol and I kept thinking to myself "Just Call ME!" Now I feel like I have entire relationships with people with over texting! Wow we've become so impersonal with this new technology!! I've witness people announce everything from telling people about a wedding proposal to a death in the family...VIA text. We can't even pick up the phone to say "Thank You" anymore!

So I was just wondering how this new way of communicating has affected the world of dating/relationships?? Anyone find themselves asking a person out for the 1st few dates via text, having an argument or trying to resolve an issue, or you find that your honey can text you "I love you's" and other sweet comments via text but can't say it in person...

Please weigh in and tell me the pros and cons of texting.......

Is It the Accent???

1-Do you feel that it is hard to find a woman you are interested in?

To be honest, NO.... I say this not to blow my own horn but I guess when I go out and meet the opposite sex they notice a difference about me, and that's my accent !! I guess am blessed to be a black men born and raised in
Sweden with an accent (haha). Because as I have found out many women want something different and once they find that its easier to make that initial connection and then it seems like everything else falls into place. Also once you start talking you will find out if you are interested in her. Because with me its not what you look like because that's not all that is required to makes it or to find that someone. But I feel that over here in the US, people are more fixated with looks first so a lot of great connections goes by.

2-What are some of the challenges you face trying to find a connection with someone?

The challenges I think is that is getting rejected to trying to connect with someone. Also making someone invest in the time that many people don't have anymore to get to know the opposite sex. We are living in a fast pasted world now and you only have a split sec to make someone pay you attention.
3-Do you feel that you have an advantage because there are so many women to pick from?

Yes / No. Yes because the more choices you have to connect to a larger number of women who take their time and let there guard down the higher the % is that someone will give you the time of the day. No because if you don't know how to carry yourself or don't have any type of communication skills its a dead end I think.

4-Where do you go to find women that are of interest to you?

Wow, I don't have a one great answer for that, but I can say so much that a lot of the women I meet is at private parties and thru friends. Or internet / email etc hahaha :) So I hope I could answer some of your questions and as you know we all different but in the end we all the same, meaning we all looking for that special someone that matches us on as many levels as possible and once we find that one we take it and run with it.
His Stats: 36 yr old Black Male

Question: What do you think about his comment regarding Americans being fixated on looks?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

To Wed or Not To Wed??

I'm sure most of you have heard about Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey tying the knot and although we all know that it won't last very long lol..But it got me wondering......Marriage is BIG! I mean it's a huge step to take and some people go into it knowing that if it doesn't work out they can always get divorce. I know this question will be hard to respond to because I know that every situation is different, but humor me and tell me your thoughts....

How long would you want to date before accepting/asking to get married?

How long is too long or how quick is too quick to tie the knot?

Or can you really put a time frame on these types of things?

Mr.Shy & Witty In the City

1-Do you feel that it is hard to find a woman you are interested in?
Great question. In a city a 8-9 million people, I would think people would be falling all over each other but it seems that everyone is
just lonely and incompatible. I find it very difficult to find women that match my criteria. I don't think my standards are too high but at the same
time I refuse to settle.

2-What are some of the challenges you face trying to find a connection with someone? 
People play games (both men and women), aren't upfront and honest, and most people don't seem to really know what they want.

3-Do you feel that you have an advantage because there are so many women to pick from?

Not really. I get along with most people so finding someone I get along with is very easy for me but finding an amazing,
genuine, and kind hearted girl is a tough task.

4-Where do you go to find women that are of interest to you?

I'm defiantely a little on the shy side so I'm not the type of guy to approach women in a bar or club setting. I like making witty comments and I like
to make people laugh so that usually works well for me.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Great Date Ideas- No More Dinner & The Movies Again..& Again

So you've been dating someone for a few months or year or whatever and you notice something about the dates. You've started to fall into this incredibly boring trend of going to Dinner & The Movies. I mean don't get me wrong I love a great movie and a good food but has dating official anthem become "Dinner & Movie." People can't come up with some variety anymore. Where is the creativity?!?!? Have we run out of ideas? So I ask what’s your list of ideas for dates? What have you tried in the past or would want to try that’s better than the same ole dinner and a movie??