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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mr.Shy & Witty In the City

1-Do you feel that it is hard to find a woman you are interested in?
Great question. In a city a 8-9 million people, I would think people would be falling all over each other but it seems that everyone is
just lonely and incompatible. I find it very difficult to find women that match my criteria. I don't think my standards are too high but at the same
time I refuse to settle.

2-What are some of the challenges you face trying to find a connection with someone? 
People play games (both men and women), aren't upfront and honest, and most people don't seem to really know what they want.

3-Do you feel that you have an advantage because there are so many women to pick from?

Not really. I get along with most people so finding someone I get along with is very easy for me but finding an amazing,
genuine, and kind hearted girl is a tough task.

4-Where do you go to find women that are of interest to you?

I'm defiantely a little on the shy side so I'm not the type of guy to approach women in a bar or club setting. I like making witty comments and I like
to make people laugh so that usually works well for me.

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Product Junkie Diva said...

Aww he seems sweet.
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