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Monday, May 26, 2008

Hold on...Someone Just Texted Me

I love texting.... Honestly I reallllly love texting. I mean I feel like it's the most amazing way to keep in touch with people and I send at least 50+ texts a day. I remember when my friend got a texting plan, (I still had an ol'school phone) and she kept sending me texts. I was super annoyed with her because I felt like she was adding unneassary charges to my bill lol and I kept thinking to myself "Just Call ME!" Now I feel like I have entire relationships with people with over texting! Wow we've become so impersonal with this new technology!! I've witness people announce everything from telling people about a wedding proposal to a death in the family...VIA text. We can't even pick up the phone to say "Thank You" anymore!

So I was just wondering how this new way of communicating has affected the world of dating/relationships?? Anyone find themselves asking a person out for the 1st few dates via text, having an argument or trying to resolve an issue, or you find that your honey can text you "I love you's" and other sweet comments via text but can't say it in person...

Please weigh in and tell me the pros and cons of texting.......


Anonymous said...

I'm an old fashion gal with a twist... lol... I don't think texting should be used for conversation unless both parties has unlimited texting but even with that, i would rather hear the person voice. Texting is only used to text little memos not a whole conversation. The sound of a person tells you how sincere or how mad they are with you, how can you tell through text, thats just my opinion. Much luv...

Anonymous said...

I love texting but I also LOVE speaking on the phone. I don't think that its right that pple are announcing big news over a text message I think that is ridiculous. Texting has its place if you just want to exchange few words or messages during the day. The phone or in person always will be at the top of my list though b/c i'm a talker!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE TEXTING!! I am a woman of certain age (over 40) and I hate the telephone. Texting is so easy and I get the information I need and I am out! I text my husband and my daughter. My mom has a cell but has not figured out how to use the features on her phone. If she knew how......oh boy I tell you I would never speak to her again!! Texting is the best. I just added unlimited texting to my family plan cuz we get down like dat!

Eb the Celeb said...

pros... you can explain things that are too hard to say... sometimes I dont feel like holding the phone to my ear... its quick and easy...

cons... sometimes things can be misinterpreted...

Product Junkie Diva said...

I must say that I love a good text just as much as the next gal, but there is a time and place for everything. If I am in an argument with my guy, I don't want to argue over texts, nor do I want an apology over texts. He can however text me and say " are you still mad at me" because I would probably think that is cute, but I want the real apology in PERSON. Informing people that someone has died via text is simply tacky unless you are in a hostage situation and you are texting an SOS message, and even then it still borders on tacky.
just my 2 cents.
Product Junkie Diva

Kelle Michelle said...

Texting was made for me! I love it so much. I really would feel a small void without it! Me and the SO text all day long.. I work days and he works afternoons now so its easy for us to communicate that way..! We also just like to text. Its easier for Him to express himself through writing and I dont knock him for it... I appreciate it! On the other hand there is nothing like hearing him stumble over his pride over the phone.. when confessing his deep feelings for me. :-)

Another thing that is really convienent with texts is that you can go back and read old texts. I just love that

Texting is a huge part of my relationship :-)

Anonymous said...

I believe the whole latter portion of your post pretty much sums it all up and there is no way I could put it any better.

Texting is convenient at times, especially when you can not talk to someone. I do not believe in handling matters of the heart over text messages, even though I have. I have done my shares of "I love you's" and "I'm sorry's" via text message.

Text messaging is as revolutionary as the cell-phone itself, so we should continue to embrace the technology, but keep it balanced as well.

:::Marcus LANGFORD:::

Moody Gemini said...

Texting is for a quick message ~ something used to deliver information and keep it moving.

I WILL NOT have a complete conversation with you via text. #1 I find it impersonal. I do not know the inflection in your voice, if their was pause between a certain word that will clue me in to how you are feeling. Please don't make me ask if the text was sarcasm. If I was on the phone with you or better in person I would know the answer. #2 It is so hard for me to read text lingo. I really get frustrated. And I will not reply if you use too much. A complete sentence is appreciated.

Anal but me.

Just_Wondering said...

@Brownsuga- Yes hearing the person voice will always win over a text message

@Bellefille- Oh the phone is my bestfriend because I'm Ms. Chatty Cathy so I love texting and will also speak to the person as well

@DPC- HAHAHAHAHAHA When I read your comment I couldn't help but laugh! It made me wish my parents knew how to text! lol

@Eb- I've had some serious misunderstandings over text...and some hard to say things I've disclosed however I always discuss it with the person once it's off my chest.

@PJD- I think if you say sorry over text you better say it again when I speak to you because the text doesn't count lol I want to hear your voice so I know you really mean it.

@Kelle-Ohh, I soooo understand how texting works for those people who have difficulty expressing themselves! I think it's therapeutic for those "hard to find the words" people

@Marcus-"Well balanced" is the phrase I would like to abide by in terms of texting vs talking

@Moody- The voice tells you everything you need to know. That's what you miss out on when you're texting.

One thing that wasn't mentioned is the privacy of texting. People over hear conversations,but texting keeps everything between the two people.

Thanks for your comments!

Sunshyne said...

I like to text when your in a loud or inappropriate environment where a convo over the phone can't be held. Its even easier if you have a blackberry or a phone with each letter per key on it. however, I dont like it when people only resort to texting in order to communicate with you...are you scared of hearing my voice or

Anonymous said...

Blogger lost my last comment.

I said:

Girl, texting is getting out of My ex-manfriend won't call me for nothing but will text me in a heartbeat.

I feel like people use texting as a means to get out of calling. Before it was emails, now it's texting.

But I got to admit that I love texting=)

c said...

Texin is the greatest thing ever. It allows you to have a conversation and think of exactly what you want to say and put it into words the only issue is that certain things can be lost but it can always be explained later. cj

Divine Blackness said...

I'm glad to see another text-addict. LOL!

jadesyourbae said...

to me i feel that texting is to keep intouuch with my friends and i love it. it keeps me up to date with me mates and my mum always knows where i am if i am out so yeri love texting xx