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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Great Date Ideas- No More Dinner & The Movies Again..& Again

So you've been dating someone for a few months or year or whatever and you notice something about the dates. You've started to fall into this incredibly boring trend of going to Dinner & The Movies. I mean don't get me wrong I love a great movie and a good food but has dating official anthem become "Dinner & Movie." People can't come up with some variety anymore. Where is the creativity?!?!? Have we run out of ideas? So I ask what’s your list of ideas for dates? What have you tried in the past or would want to try that’s better than the same ole dinner and a movie??


Traycee said...

Love your blog........My husband and I definitely need to spice it up !!!

Anonymous said...

I am definitely a dinner and movie type of guy, but the older I get, the more I want to explore things in the way of romantic evenings.

Now, I currently have no girlfriend, but I am thinking next time around, every now and then, I'd treat her to a really nice romantic evening at a top-rated area restaurant where she and I can enjoy some fine dining in a candle-lit setting. The table would be complete with roses and some wine and it would be a surprise indeed. And instead of the traditional movie, perhaps we will enjoy some smooth jazz at a local lounge or maybe take a walk on the Potomac River.

The sky is truly the limit and as soon as I start dating again, I am thinking I will know how to get the romance crackin'.

Peaze out!

Marcus LANGFORD of

Product Junkie Diva said...

Ok I am waiting for more guys to respond this is interesting.
You are right Just Wondering, people can get into a rut. Something different may be:
1)taking one of those mini boat trips lasts about 1 hour
2)museum (not for me but some people like this)
3) Doing something active like rock climbing at one of those indoor places
4)getting spa treatments ( ok maybe I'm being selfish here..)
5)nature hike
6)go to one of those places that will give you neat outfits and you can take tons of professional pictures.
So much more but I will end it here.
Product Junkie Diva

Just_Wondering said...

@Traycee-Thanks so much for stopping by and reading my blog!! Do you have any ideas off the top of your head that you'd want to do with your husband to spice it up. I hope someone puts up a great idea that you'd like to try!

@Marcus-Welcome! Thanks for leaving a lenghty comment. Sounds like you're on the path to wining and dining instead of the usual watching and dining lol I like the romantic dinner idea but can you give me some more ideas. People need help and a male's perspective is always great :-)

@Ms.Junkie Diva-I loved your list! It thought everything you listed so far sounded different and fun if you're hanging out with someone you really like. I've done the museum before and trust me I had a great time because I enjoyed the guy's company! We made fun of each others likes and dislikes and a lot of things we saw there. So lots of laughs and exciting! Rock climbing, spa, nature hike and pictures are things I haven't done but seems like I will be adding them to my list. Thanks for reading.

Sexxy Luv said...

Ideas depending on the man.

Wine tasting
Picnics in the park
sight seeing around the town, enjoy the likes of music
drive thru movie, lol

Okay that is all I have right now.

I love to double date, no matter what type of date just couples/double date it's always fun!

Love the blog girly, 1st timer

Anonymous said...

Yes, movies and dinner can get borrrrrring. Let's do something different.

These are some of things I like to do as alternatives to the traditional date.

-Miniture golfing
-Walking in the park
-Working out together
-Going grocery
-Getting together with friends (other couples)
-Hanging out at the bookstore
-Going for a nice drive

Eb the Celeb said...

I cant even say anything about this because all I have had all my life are the lame dinner and a movies... (sigh)

I wish I found a guy that had more depth and actually took the time to think and plan out a date...

I guess I come off so non-chalant... and often times would rather just sit at home at watch a game that they dont feel I really care about that stuff but every girl wants to be pampered sometimes...

Ok I digress!

Jackie Edwards said...

I always like overnight dates. Like maybe taking a drive up the coast, if you live near a coast:) and then having dinner at a new spot that you just happen upon, spending the night at a hotel (it's always so much nicer than at your own spot),then getting up whenever you want and having a lazy afternoon drive back.

ShAĆ© - ShAĆ© said...

I enjoy "fun" dates. Dinner & a movie wears thin real quick. I've gone to amusement parks, the aquarium, a planetarium (yes we were geeky), had a hoops competition and more. Some times people just need to let go and have fun.

Just_Wondering said...

@ Sexxy Luv-I love your list especially the picnic, sightseeing (i live in NYC and i'm guilty of not visiting some sights) and the drive thru movie! A movie with a twist lol As for double dating I've never done that..I think I'd have to like the couple hahahaha but thanks for your input!
@ Jewells- You took all my ideas! Grocery shopping is super FUN. I think the simple things are taken for granted! Can you believe I've never been miniture golfing?!?
@Eb- Omgoodness girl you made me sad! You are missing out on all this fun stuff.Promise me you will try some of the things people posted and see if you like getting out and about! I know you wanted to go to that sex museum in the city! See that's something different. Just suggest some of this stuff to your Boo. Like I said some people run out of creative juices..So there's nothing to it then to do it. (corny right...but you get the point lol)
@Jackie- your idea sounds oh so a mini vacation!
@Shae Shae-the active dates are super fun because it brings the kid out of you and it's generates excitement. Gurl I like the aqaurium and planetarium! (Im geeky too! lol)

Thanks Everyone for all your great ideas! I'd love to hear if anyone trys something new and gives me a follow up. Do something different and fun if you have a honey to spend time with. If you don't have anyone, keep these things in mind if you notice the dinner and the movies trend creeping up.

Just_Wondering said...

My Date Ideas

-Flying a kite (never done that but sounds like it would be fun)
-Bowling,tennis, racketball, basketball, baseball (I'm not into sports cause I feel like I can't catch lol but it's even more fun if you have no idea what you're doing lol)
-Pool (Add a twist by giving/getting a kiss for every ball you get in lol that way both of you win win win)
-If you have a talent give your guy/girl a lesson (e.g. dancing, painting) I've learned to take a laptop apart and put it back together!
-Rent a band's rehearsal room with speakers and make it your own personal club.
-Be a photographer and take pictures of each other. Tell you girl/guy what to wear and how to pose in a great location where there's not a lot of people (botanical gardens, park)
-Don't wait to get dressed up! If you feel like getting decked out JUST DO it and choose to celebrate anything that night. lol
-Instant Messenger Date on AIM, Yahoo etc (great for when you're sick and cant go out on an actual date) Sounds corny but oh soooooo fun! Remember you're still on a date so you have to describe what you're doing every step of the way.
-Playing card games (if you're staying in..I'd be creative and have a prize for the winner!)
-Reading an intresting book to each other
-Paint ball, laser tag, ESPN Zone
-Dang I wish I was small enough to go the playground hahahaha I wonder if ppl would go if there were adult playgrounds?
-Shooting range! Scary to me but if you mad at someone (e.g. boss) you get your aggression out.

Ok that's all I've got the other things everyone else has already mentioned!

Thanks for Reading!

Anonymous said...

My dates over the past few years have been soo plain jane and borning. Same thing....different weekend (dinner and a movie)! Although, it has been boring...I do recall a time where I had soo much fun on my date. Soo much fun, I forgot I was on a date! It was actually a double date. We went rock climbing with my boo's best friend and his girlfriend. We were all laughing and giggling how silly we looked trying to struggle up the rock climbing wall. It was fun and innocent! Instead of being so serious all the made us feel like kids again. I saw a really fun and silly side to my boo. It made me feel even more attracted to him. I also saw how he interacts with his friends which was very nice to see. It was great date! You should really try it sometime! Also, instead of always having dates on the weekend...try dating during the middle of the weekend. It's a good kick off to your weekend.

c said...

To me going on a date with someone you are actually dating is more about the time spent together than what you are doing. You can have fun doing anything if you guys just enjoy each others company. But i guess this was about fun ideas and mine are Playin pool,amusment parks, mini golf bowling hope this helps..........

Dominican Enigma said...

I think the reason that my boyfriend and I have lasted so long is becaue we try never to do the same thing too often. We live in NY so there is always plenty to do. Sometimes we go to the movies and then take strolls through central park. Othertimes, I'll sign us up for a salsa class, or go see some slam poetry in the village. Dinner can be different if you go to a different restaurant of if you or him cook something different tooI love this blog

Just_Wondering said...

@ Mellie Mel-Wow Indoor rock climbing and a double date! You made it sound like fun!!! Oh and the date in the middle of the week tends to break a habit of waiting till the weekend. Nice suggestions! Thanks!

@CJ-I think you are right that it really doesn't matter where you go but the time you spend together. However, doing different things gives you something great to look foward to and something great to remember!! I like saying "Honey, remember when we went to that great.... that was so much fun!"

@ Dominican E- Welcome! I'm always excited when someone comments and say they like my hidden spot lol Yes NYC has endless choices when it comes to coming up with different things to do with your Honey lol The different resturant idea is great also! The last spot I went to that was different was a korean resturant! YUMMY and they cooked the meat literally in the middle of the table! But I really sucked at eating with the chop sticks hahahaha I tried though!

Anonymous said...

HI everyone... yeah... dinner and movies can get boring:-( Thanks for the tips. There is always room for some spice in dating/relationship. It's always nice to be a little adventurous and creative and different. lol... I can't really think of anything, everything has been mentioned but if i do, i will get back to you. Thanks for the ideas to everyone and Just_Wondering:) Much luv...

Sunshyne said...

I love dinner and a movie. My bf and I enojy it everytime and its never boring. We also like to have our fun in the sun too..picnics, rollerblading, going to plays, etc.

Free spirited butterfly said...

I love your blog. I am currently happily single and loving it. I'm a workaholic but when I do go back to the dating scene, I'm going to create a date jar. It will be filled with fun, spontaneous things to do and once a week we get to try one. No excuses, just make the time and DO IT! One will be drive to OC for some funnel cake and turn around come back. Another, go to the very next scheduled concert whether we like the group or not, just to see another side of life... I could go on and on but I'm trying to work on my cooking and I've got some beefstew working... Love, peace and Blessings!

Just_Wondering said...

@Free- Wow I totally forgot about this post lol I'm happy people still find this to be such a hot topic. I really found your idea of going to a concert just because to be spontaneous! Its also very cool that your getting your creative date ideas stored in a jar for when you get back into the dating game! Very Cool! Thanks for stopping by.