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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tug of War- Are Women Running Relationships?

Hey Guys,

It’s been an extremely long time since I have posted or even remembered I even have a blog lol. I told myself that I would only post when I felt I wanted to put something I’ve been wondering about. So today happens to be that day. Now forgive me if any of the things I am going to say does not sound well thought out, maybe even a little confusing. However, I’m just wondering maybe someone else could possibly relate or even experienced the same feelings or notions on the topic. Here we go…..

Ok so this post is directed to women and if there are any men that want to weigh in then certainly do so. I was thinking about the relationships and I noticed something quite interesting that I tend to struggle with myself. Maybe I’m in the wrong circles or maybe there’s way more to this then meets the eye. But I feel like lately, Men are either not taking the lead in their relationships or it’s women who aren’t letting men take the lead. Now I personally know for a fact that I can be impatient and demanding when in comes maintaining a healthy relationship. I’m huge on communication and when issues arise I believe in nipping things in the bud. However, I feel like women have taken the lead in doing so many things (at times because they have to with dads missing in action) that we don’t allow men to do their part in the relationship. I also feel that men who may not have had a good example of a male figure growing up and were raised by women. Sometimes these men are somewhat used to a woman doing it all. Now I am not saying that women are not capable to holding things down. I just honestly feel that women weren’t created to HAVE to do it all. That somewhere throughout the generations there was a shift and men are maybe lost and confused as to where they fit in.

I look at some of the people in my environment and the women are running the show. Let me describe a real situation. Here is a woman who is working full time and has one child and another one the way. The guy recently lost his job (e.g. he’s been in and out of a job for several years) and is on unemployment and is not doing much to look for a job. Her salary can hold down 85% of the household bills and mortgage. He becomes complacent because he knows that the lights won’t go off and the mortgage will get paid because the woman is not going to allow it to happen. She’s always holding it down (granted there’s more to the story then meets the eye lol there always is) What’s wrong with this picture? Or you may find that there are young men in their 20s that are used to women who go as far as asking them out or at least they try to be the aggressive one to get the guys attention (e.g. I’m old fashion meaning that I think that if a man likes you he will ask in u out. No need to be chasing after one.) Men are dating women who are even planning the dates 90% of the time. I am totally guilty of running the show when I see things aren’t going to get done. It’s something that I have to learn not to do and it’s become automatic or almost natural.

So what do you think? Do you think women have taken the lead in relationships from men, or that men just have no clue because we don’t give them the chance to lead. I’m not taking about men being brutes and trying to control a woman. I’m talking about a man being able to think ahead and make wise decisions for the relationship. A man who knows how to handle a bad situation without it being unsettling to the relationship/marriage. It’s not an easy task; however I do believe that God created men and women to have different roles. Not that each one is not esteemed better than the other. I just think that God wired men to do certain things and they do it well. As well as women were created to do certain things and do it well. When you put the two together you have a well oiled relationship that fit wonderfully together because the men and women truly complete each other. Where one is weak, the other one is strong. So ladies do you ever wonder if women did less then maybe men would take their positions? Are we to take some of the blame for this issue? Maybe I just need to check out my environment and figure out why these types of men are the ones I keep on seeing lol Or maybe men are so used to women running the show it that it’s normal? Is it that men don’t have a clue as to what their role is anymore? What do you notice going on in your environment? I don’t know guys. You tell me.

What do you think?

Thanks for Reading!!