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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Finding Love In Washington, DC

1-Do you feel that it is hard to find a woman you are interested in?
I do believe it is difficult to find a woman that I am interested in, for one, I am very well traveled, so with that being said I have lived in about 6 different countries and I have dated women in most of them except for two but with that being well traveled has given me a combination of different cultural characteristics that I like on women. I am also of Caribbean upbringing so even though I am american that is a factor in what I look for in a woman.

2-What are some of the challenges you face trying to find a connection with someone?
For one in the DC metropolitan area I meet women of color who are very sheltered to there own cultures and environments, so are not willing to try other things this includes race. I am black as I mentioned but I am open to dating other races. Second I am older now 36 years of age, and I have no children. Most women in my age bracket if they are single have had some past marriages, relationships or whatever that have left them with kids, and a man dating a woman with a child, or children is a completely different scenario. There is truly a different attitude about women with kids in my time now then in my parent’s time. So finding a woman in my age range with no kids is also a challenge. Also education, I do not have a degree, but I am very intelligent speaking 4 languages, and knowing a variety of different things and topics. I am well spoken and I have many other traits that illustrate education, now I am going to school currently, but sometimes women view that as a flaw, especially women of my genre that I am looking to date or used to dating. On the flip side of that sometimes I do understand of wanting to know where woman would hold that against you on that educational tip.

3-Do you feel that you have an advantage because there are so many women to pick from?
I don’t feel I am at an advantage, always, but for the most part recently I have been seeing that I am lucky to a certain extent, because I do have that in my favor, but there is a down side to this. Sometimes I wonder if I meet a woman and date and see some things I don’t like, if I am judging them too harsh because I know that I have a better chance of meeting someone else and finding a new girl to date then if I might deal with a little bit of problems I normally wouldn’t if you can understand where I am coming from on that note.

4-Where do you go to find women that are of interest to you?
Recently I have to say I have been looking alot online, because I seem to have lost my edge on approaching women. I hate rejection like I believe most men do, and women can sometimes be really harsh on a guy if they don’t like him. I hear people say never meet a guy in a club, but I disagree, because of a lot of reasons one thing if you meet a guy in a club one thing is certain of you and his possibility you and him, he likes the same types of events you do, or is willing to at least try something new, because you met him there. I am a firm believer that when people are in social gatherings it is a time when they have there guard down and allow you to approach them in one aspect. Grocery stores and stuff like that always seem creepy to me to approach a person, because when you are in places like that you are there for something, to eat not to be hit on. I don’t think Church is it; because your concentration should be on worshiping God, I am sure there are a lot of wholesome women there, but maybe afterwards. Bars are good to, but overall I think events are the best place and online. One thing is certain if you meet a person at a club or online, the first few date that person is only going to let you see what they want you to see, it is not until you have kissed them and spent a couple of nights with them not even sexually for that matter will you know what you are really getting into.


nywele said...

lol on a hitting a woman at the grocery store. I usually go there in my sweat pants, in " i just rolled out of bed look"..not very the last thing i want is a man to approach looking like that...

it is interesting what he said about not having degree...sometimes i wonder if we women are too picky, i.e must have a bachelor's ( i know i am) and we miss out on something..

i wish i could have the courage to do online dating....or speed dating(hell naaw..i worked on my self-esteem for years, the last thing i want is several nos in my face)

Just_Wondering said...

Oh I totally thought it was funny that he goes to the grocery store to find women! But to be honest it's probably the best way to strike up a conversation!

As for the lack of education, as I've gotten older (I sound like I've lived a full life lol) I realized that you can't have a list of who you think will be the man for you. If you do you will definately miss out on something great. It's something I'm learning right now lol

I'm afraid of online dating and prefer old fashion guy meets girl in the flesh lol but it seems like that's what everyone is turning to these days! Stay tuned for a post on that soon!

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