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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Internet Dating Part 1

As Carla gets herself ready for her date she starts to panic! She starts to wonder “Omgoodness I can’t believe I’m doing this!! I never thought I’d do this! What if he’s disappointed when he sees me? What if he looks like a troll? Maybe I shouldn’t go…..” Carla convinces herself to take the plunge and go through with the date. This may be her opportunity to make a connection with someone great. Why pass it up just because of how she met the guy? She hops in her car and starts heading towards the coffee shop. She pulls into the parking lot, takes one last look at her face and hair and says, “Ok girl, it’s now or never….” As she walks into the coffee shop she spots Marcel at the table by the window and tells herself “Let’s seeing if internet dating is for me..”

Internet dating has become the next best thing when trying to broaden your chances on meeting someone new. Seems like technology plays a part in every aspect of our lives these days. I remember going over to my cousins house as they invited tons of friends over just to hangout. It was the perfect way of meeting “a friend of a friend” in the most comfortable situation. Why comfortable? Their family of 3 girls and 2 boys ALWAYS had people hanging out or coming over for special events. Sometimes at these get togethers, people would often see each other more than once and you can certainly get the 411 about someone in a matter of a couple of minutes. The beauty of these house parties is that there was no pressure or rush to get all the facts you needed in a short amount of time.

NOW things are different. People go out more. They may go to a bar/clubbing hoping they’ll find the one there, you may find someone at work, or other venues that we often frequent like the grocery store. However, we have this wonderful thing at home called a computer that makes everything easy! Shoot I’d order me a man in a second if it were that easy! But the closest thing we could get to ordering a mate is internet dating. You search through profiles hoping to find a connection. Most of us are too busy to be social and go out, so we miss out on opportunities to meet someone special ( I’m so guilty of being a home body lol) The internet brings your options right to your computer screen. How convenient! It’s perfect right?

What were your first impressions of internet dating?
Have you tried it?
Would you try it and Why?

This topic will have more than one part to it so stay tuned! Thanks for reading!


nywele said...

I loooooove the introduction..what happens next?

I am too shy for internet dating because i am such a daydreamer and i need something concrete! I've done the whole penpal thing, we'll meet someday etc..

I am also a hopeless romantic and I believe that i might meet someone when i buy at the local bakehouse...

at first, i had prejudices in regards to internet dating, thinking that it was for people who are desperate

but a friend swears by it and that's how she met several people. She approaches it as let's have fun. If there's no connection, at least i got a good meal and good conversation
what about you? what do you think of internet dating?

Anonymous said...

I think it would be a great idea if people wrote about who they really are(the good and the bad). Then half your work is done in terms of knowing what they are all about(likes and dislikes, past time activities, family problems, personal issues). I've never tried internet dating. Im old fashioned. I prefer to get up and go out and see people in different environments and how they interact with people. You can tell alot about a person by the way they treat others. That's priceless.


Anonymous said...

internet dating is cool if done right. i feel that you really need to grill a person before going out and you should know what they look like, because there is nothing worse than meeting the person and they are not physically what you expected-i have had this happen!

surprisingly all of my serious girlfriends were by way of the internet. it's just easier for me since i don't like to go out and meet women at bars or clubs; i'm simply too introverted for that. though they all ended up in us going our separate ways, one of the former girlfriends happens to be one of my best friends to this day. and since my last girlfriend, i am back on the prow and putting myself back out there on the net, so i am obviously trying to make it work. i think i have met someone, so i am excited to see how things go with us.

:::Marcus LANGFORD:::

Anonymous said...

Okay Okay! I admit that I began meeting people online before it became "Internet dating". Back in da day when AOL started my journey into the unknown, I met several men online. I met some inperson and some were NEVER TO BE SEEN! I dated two men I met online. Both were not Denzel or Will or even Flava Flav (no I am not bitter). Long story short....neither relationship worked out. I really believe (and know)that it does not matter where/how you meet. The afterwards is what is so important. No one is perfect so reading about a person and looking at a picture does not mean instant happiness! Dating is dating and I HATE DATING!!

PBW said...

If I were single, I'd probably be too chicken to try it.

However, a friend of mine married an internet date and they're very happy.

Calming Corners said...

Never tried it, my sister swears by it, I had a friend who swore by it and now she is married. I am more of a face to face person. Also, to me, it feels like putting yourslef in the classifieds. I will not lie I have looked on the sites but I have never signed up.

It is interesting I was out with some friends, and my friend saw a group of guys and she was like I know them, but not really some of them are on match.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Girl Im sorry I know I read this post and i thought I commented already... well at least I commented in my head. No I have never tried it and I never will, it is just not for me. However I do know people who have tried it. I like to meet men the good old fashion
Product Junkie Diva

Moneymonk said...

I agree with Marcus, it's cool if it's done right

However, if it's not ---look out!

The Frugalista Files said...

I haven't tried it but my friends really want me to give it a shot. My cousin met her dream guy on eharmony. I'm scared to try it, but I just might. I want to get my numbers up!

Just_Wondering said...

@nywele:I think that internet dating is a great way to increase your chances of meeting that special someone if you are not "out and about" in the clubs and bars and other venues However, for some reason I'm apprehensive about taking the chance on doing it bc I'm afraid lol I can't say I'll never do it! Never say Never but like you I'd like that meeting to be in person.

@V How funny would it be if you actually wrote your faults in the profile! At least people would know what they are getting into. I'm old fashion also but things seems to be changing these days and sometimes you have to let go of the old and try something new. For now I'm still old lol

@Marcus I think it's amazing that you've been so sucessful at making connections with people via the internet. Your positive feedback may make us try it out!

@A I think you're right! It doesn't matter how you meet because when you meet out "in the street" you're meeting people that you don't know.

@pbw I'm starting to hear more and more stories about people getting married and having met on online! It's officially the trend now!

@ CalmingC Welcome! Thanks for stopping by. Wow your friend someone you saw on Match walking on the streets lol

@PJD Uh OH another old fashion person! I always say Never say Never lol

@MoneyMonk Welcome and thanks for weighing in! Yeah I think that people would be more sucessful at the process if it is taken seriously.

@Frugalista Well you actually know someone who had some sucess....Mmmmmm maybe you should try it to get your numbers up! lol Thanks for stopping by :-)

Thanks for reading Everyone and Part 2 is interesting. Hope you come back to read it!