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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Breaking up: Was It For the Wrong or Right Reasons?

Hey There,

Everyone knows that developing a relationship and keeping it going is very difficult. Some days are blissful, other days there are misunderstandings, and then there are times where you feel like something died in the relationship and you just don't know how you are going to fix it. However, if you really love that person and you are interested in making things work you can have something solid.

One of my sisters said something funny the other day about why it has to be so hard to find someone and how that part of our lives can be quite a challenge. Sometimes you do feel like its a game that you either win or you keep losing. Well I want to talk about the times when you feel like you lose. Picture this scenerio.......

Kevin is his name. He's smart, good personality, sense of humor, he makes and effort to call, sets up dates, he shows a vested interest in you. Oh, lets not forget that he's great on paper too (e.g. job, house, education) He is what I would call the the great guy...Kevin is doing everything to show you he's worth a second look.

Valerie meets Kevin and she says yes when he asks her out. She goes on a few dates with him...and you know what...he's doing everything right. He's a great guy. But Valerie doesn't seem to be into him...She doesn't feel that physical attraction..So she breaks up with him...A few months later she realizes that she tends to choose the men that are what I'd call players/pretty boys...Men that will often play with your heart and leave it laying on the streets to get run over. The ones that show interest because they want one thing.

Have you ever thought of the woman or that man who you encountered in your life that you let walk out of your life because you didn't take a closer look or you let something good go for some reason that seems ridiculous now...Whether it was a couple of dates/months/year you look back and now you're beating yourself up wishing you had a second chance.

If this happened to you....why did you let them go?

I was Just...Wondering about it...


A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Kind of going through this right now. But I'm a lot older and wiser than I once was and I'm slow walking the "friendship" He simply adores me and he does and says all the right things. I am not as attracted to him physically, but I am attracted to his heart, patience and spirit. I think he may very well be the one, if I can just relax and stop playing the "what if" game.....

Great question, for me at least!
Great to see a post from you!
Love, peace and blessings!

Nancy said...

At times couples are squabbing over money matters and their relationships affects a lot because of this. i too was one of the victim to this and i was adviced by one of my friend to get rid of this and i did ...

i thought the same way as you did a few months back when i and my partner had some issues on money matters and our relationship seemed like it is gonna sink
and i went into depression and only on one day my friend made me realize how i could overcome my issue with this.
And it worked for me and now, we are a happily living couple.
Money and Relationships