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Sunday, August 10, 2008

If You Could Stop Time.......

Vanessa stepped off the plane into Miami International Airport beyond excited! It was her first trip to South Beach and she couldn’t wait to shop, take in the scenery, hangout at the beach (not in the water cause she can’t swim lol) and dance dance dance her way as she enjoyed the nightlife. Her girlfriend Trisha and Trisha’s bestfriend Damon were ready for their four day vacation. Everything was amazing! The hotel, the palm trees, even the hot summer blazing heat was inviting. Nothing….I mean nothing could go wrong during this fun filled getaway. Or so she thought!

On their second day of bliss something happened that made Vanessa wish that she could stop time and find a way to erase everyone’s memories. Something that she wished for just one moment she could roll up into a tiny ball and hide under a rock. What could possibly make her feel this way you ask?? Well then picture this…..

Vanessa, Trisha and Damon were all dressed and ready to go to the beach. Vanessa is not a big fan of the beach because she’s afraid of drowning in the ocean! Homegirl cannot swim and having 10 lessons at the YMCA wouldn’t let that water get past her ankles! Vanessa was also not excited about wearing the bathing suit she had on. You see she was a bit self conscious about being in a bathing suit but she really didn’t have a choice. They chilled on the blanket for a while and talked about life lol well mostly about how lucky they were because they had escaped the hustle and bustle of the NYC metro area where they were from.

Trisha and Damon were DYING to get into the water and somehow coaxed Vanessa into getting her ankles wet! Lol When she got into the water she was terrified! Trisha and Damon were coaxing her into moving deeper and deeper into the ocean where she found herself submerged up to her waist. Vanessa started to feel confident, secure, and fearless!!! She was diving into the waves and she was having a great time…until she came up from one huge wave that seemed to have caused her to lose her footing…however she caught herself and didn’t fall…she stood up and looked around for her friends as they looked to see if she was ok.

Damon looked at her and Vanessa smiled and said

“I’m ok but that was pretty scary!”

He say’s “No it’s not that, um Vanessa you top came off a bit…”

Vanessa looks down and that’s when the world stopped for a second too long. There….in that moment she had wished she could roll up into a tiny ball and hide under a rock…. Her boob had made it’s grand appearance and Damon had to be the person to point it out to her!

HOW EMBARRASSING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After that incident she couldn’t help but think “I should have never gone into that WATER!!!!”

I hoped you enjoyed reading that story because it was in fact a true story! Vanessa’s true identity was in fact yours truly when I went to Maimi at 23yrs old….lol Now it has become a distant running joke that I laugh about now !

Have you had any moments when you’ve felt so embarrassed you wanted to stop time?? DO TELL US about it!!!!

Thanks for Reading!!!


Amina said...

oh no...sending you hugs.I
ve had so many embarrassings moments i usually laugh about them

Just_Wondering said...

@amina Girl it happened a couple of years ago and now I do laugh about it! lol I wanna hear some of your moments!

Therapeutic Musings said...

This happened to me before! I'm glad it was my sister that pointed it out to me!

Product Junkie Diva said...

LOL Im sorry girl I can't stop LOL.
Who was the guy girllllllll tell me later..hehehehe send an email or smoke signal,
Ok My moment would be ummmm who am I fooling, nothing like that has happened to
thanks for sharing.
Oh ok maybe this I went to a wedding one and the heel of my shoe broke, nothing major happened as a result though.

Calming Corners said...

Well if it makes you feel any better people in miami tan topless.... so you could have told your friends that you wanted an even tan.... Just kidding, you are a wonderful writer!

Anonymous said...

Hey Girl. Yes, I have had many an embarrassing moment. I will reveal two. Let's see...There was the time I joined Bally's in order to lose some weight and get more fit. The first time I went to the gym I decided to get on the treadmill. I thought, hey I am young, I can go faster! Well I made it go faster and the next thing I know I slipped and fell while still holding on to the handle much to my horror. Mind you the belt was still going and I was soooo embarrassed that I froze and I was still hanging on. It took me a minute to realize that perhaps I should let go. LOL. Well the belt propelled me back and everyone at the gym was staring. By then I was laying on the ground and turned purple from blushing. I got up to discover that I had a nice cut on my leg. I still have a scar from that on my leg!

So, on to embarrassing moment number 2! lol. I had braided my hair for a lonnnnggg time and decided to put in a relaxer. Prior to doing that I wanted to treat my hair for a few weeks before relaxing. Well, my sister helped me to come up with this style and helped me buy this cute hair piece. I love it cause it was so easy to put in. Well one day I was getting on the elevator at work and the doors were about to close when this woman gave me something that looked very much like my hair piece and said "I think this is yours" while the doors closed. I was beyond mortified!!! LOL


Amina said...

a recent embarrassing moment: i was at my cardio kickboxing kicking and jabbing happily...
then i did a kick and farted....i was M-O-R-T-I-F-I-E-D

Just_Wondering said...

I went away to Florida 1 week ago and I wore an afro pony tail on my head. It was a pretty big one! lol You couldn't miss it!! I went to Universal Studios and after getting off one of the rides my sister says "Omgoodness girl where is your hair??" I done LOST my hair on one of the rides there LOLOLOLOLOL It was so funny!

Just_Wondering said...

@Therapeutic M- You are so lucky your sister told you! lol omgoodness what I would give if it was just my sister.

@PJD-Girl I can't believe you haven't had any really bad embarassing moments! You're pretty lucky! But you never Know! hahahaha

@CC-Girl I would be running from the topless beaches.. Thanks for reading!

@Moon- HAHAHAHAHA Omgoodness I was rolling when I read your stories! I felt your pain with the treadmill story and your second story I just experienced but WOW no one handed me the hair piece LOLOLOLOLOL Thanks for sharing!

@amina-OMGOODNESS GURL that was funny! You are such a sport for sharing that story with us! Thank You So Much!