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Thursday, August 14, 2008


I was thinking about my friendships the other day and I’ve noticed that some people have entered my life for a brief moment in time, some friends I’ve had to walk away from, and others have lingered but our relationships have changed a bit because of numerous reasons (e.g. moved away, got married) Whatever the case may be, I realized that with every new friendship I was faced with the opportunity to learn something new about someone and to build a bond with them. Some friends you speak to everyday, others you text back and forth, or you may find yourself meeting up with a friend only once or twice a year even though you live in the same city!! lol

So I thought about my friends of the past, and present just wondering how they all began. What did I see in them that made me want to be friends? What did I do to get things started? If you could tell me the secret to developing a friendship with someone what would those steps be?

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silverback said...

To be classified as a true friendship, the relationship has to stand the test of time - and make allowances for irregularities in communication as long as there is justifiable reason. With a rapidly changing society the definitions and boundaries of a friendship are constantly changing.

laughing808 said...

I try to be the friend I'd want my friends to be.....if that makes sense. But I do find that most people have different views on friendships. So I'd be interested as well if there were some steps in making, developing and sustaining friendships.

And because everyone is different, what works with one person might not work with another person.

silverback said...

So true that friends are so different! Ideally, friends should like us for what we are and to change our personality to sustain friendship does not do. Having said that, some compromise and accomodation to the friends expectations is usually necessary. I find shkespeare's advice " be the friend of many but not let many be your friend...." as in Hamlet very helpful as a guide. Cheers!

The Frugalista Files said...

Great post! My childhood friends think that I'm too easy going/open with new friendships. But my philosophy is that we are friends until we ain't friends. I know how to switch gears if people are acting shady.

Anonymous said...

it's funny how friendships work. i sometimes think about the friends of my past and the friends of my present. what i have realized that as i have gotten older, i have felt less of a need to keep "friends" and i don't do this on purpose, but i have always felt that you only have about two or three true friends anyway.

a true friend to me is someone that i can sob to when some female has dogged me out and left me heartbroken. a friend is someone that will loan me money when i am in a bind and a friend is someone that will have my back no matter what because he or she knows that is what you will do for them.

i have found that i make my girlfriend my best friend first-she should be right? then my other few close friends are the ones i know will be there for me whenever i need them and vice versa.

:::Marcus LANGFORD:::

Product Junkie Diva said...

I think just be yourself and if there is a good enough connection you two will both make an effort to remain connected.One of my really good friends, I see her probably once or twice a year in person however we always have the same connection when we are reunited.