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Monday, July 21, 2008

Anger Management

Have you ever been so mad that you were at a loss for words? Have you ever felt so angry that every time you had an idle moment, you’d remember what happened and play the events over in your head only to get mad all over again. We’ve all had these moments and recently I’ve come to realize that when I do have them I try not to take it out on others around me. I mean honestly how fair is it to get pissed off at a family member or your Boo/husband when someone else got on your nerves. However, for some people it’s a natural reaction. You get mad, stay mad, and you make sure everyone knows you’re mad!!

I just came back from a walk because I was so upset that I couldn’t possibly stay in the environment I was in. I had to escape!! I played words over and over in my head and I felt my like steam was rising up in me. Now I don’t often feel like this but some people just know the right buttons to push to send you to MADville!! I JUST KNEW I had to get away from the situation. I knew the best way to deal was not to stay and yell or say things I don’t mean but rather take some time to cool down. (It’s pretty cool working out when you’re mad lol makes the workout fly by) So I cooled down… I came back and I was thankful that I walked away….

So I ask you about your anger management techniques….Why don’t you fill in the blank….

When I get mad I feel like a__________??

Then tell us: How do you react when you get heated (e.g. yell, leave, get quiet)?

After you get into an argument with someone how do you treat others around you?

What do you do to calm yourself down?


Amina said...

Great question!
I have poor anger management techiniques..

When I get mad I feel like a!
When I get heated, i leave the room because a) i don't know how to express my feelings..i might just say something i regret so i'd rather leave and deal with it later
b) i hold a grudge and add it to my file of the things the person did to me
c) when there's another fight, i bring back that file ....soo bad..

After an argument, i don't talk to anyone. I just stay in my own corner until I calm down. I might bitch about the situation with a close friend but I dont' like to use people as scapegoat..

To calm myself down i eat chocolate, sweets or cry

i seriously need to learn how to deal with problem is that i keep too much within and when it boils over it is trouble..

Product Junkie Diva said...

Hey Just Wondering
When I get mad I feel like a calm psycho.

The way that I react when I am heated depends on the person I am upset with. If I am quite that is soooooo not a good because I am boiling and calculating I am not really a yeller because i love my throat and I do recognize that people really don't listen when you yell but I will say some not so nice things in a calm tone.
LIke you I still try to be nice to others, I think I am pretty good in that area.
To calm myself down I plot my just kidding (kinda) LOL
Product Junkie Diva

Anonymous said...

when i get mad, i feel like a....well, i don't really don't an answer for this one. but when i do get heated, i usually keep to myself. very seldom do i get to a point of yelling when i am heated and i have definitely been pushed to that point, but i am pretty cool with my emotions. to get calm, i just relax to myself and read or kill some time on the x-box. you'd be surprised how a little time on the idiot box can pick your spirits up.

:::Marcus LANGFORD:::

Calming Corners said...

I always try to stay centered, many times people have things deeper than the situation at hand going on so I tap into that energy. Although, it depends on the situation.

Just_Wondering said...

@Amina-Hey Girl thanks so much for being completely open and honest about how you deal with anger. It seems like your mode of reactions needs a serious look on the inside so you can revamp it into something much better. I always feel like if you have issues like this that you should pray about it (that is if your sprititual) and/or try to think of another game plan as to what you will do to deal with your emotions. Sometimes it's good to take a look at these things so that you can work on making some changes. Then with time you'll find that it becomes easier to deal with.

@LOL@PJD Omgoodness I was rolling when I read your reactions. I'm scared of you girl if you plotting something lol I'd make an extra effort not to get you mad lol

@Marcus I respect the fact that you know that yelling wont solve anything and what measures you need to take to calm "idiot box" What is it about video games
I just imagine the people who misplace their anger and end up doing something really hurtful or horrible.

@CC You know its very true that sometimes when people are mad it may have nothing to do with the issue at hand but something that may have happened in the past that wasn't attended to. The hard part is that not everyone has a keen eye to recognize that its about something totally different. That's why it's important to talk to the person after you've calmed down if it's worth it.

Amina said...

thank you for the great advices!!!
lol at diva plotting a revenge...