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Sunday, April 13, 2008

How we feel vs How Much You Spend

I was Just Wondering….How much do you spend on a guy or girl you’ve been dating for a little over 6 months to a year? I mean what if you needed a laptop and your boo buys it for your birthday…when his/her birthday rolls around do you feel pressured to buy something of great value even though you can’t afford it? What do you do? When we purchase items for the people we are dating, are our feelings towards them measured by the monetary value of those gifts?


Jackie Edwards said...

Hmmm...interesting question. I personally don't feel that how a person feels about me directly reflects on how much they may or may not spend on me for a gift or a meal. It does tend to work out that the longer two people have been dating, the more they will be inclined to spend on their significant other, however I dont think it's a requirement. Sometimes the most meaningful things don't cost anything at all. In fact I just read something today that something like it doesn't cost a thing to pay attention! So true!! The right words, at the right time, with the right smile or kiss...nothing could mean more!! To me anyway...

Malibu said...

I concur with Jackie! =)

Eb the Celeb said...


At least I do when gifting... I wouldn't think of it if a man was giving me a gift though... I feel like if its really something I want I can buy it for myself so I dont really get caught up in how much they spent on me.

Don said...

In that scenario I would definitely feel obligated to spend more than I probably would.

I think that would make her just as happy as she made me.

If I couldn't afford it, even while knowing ahead of time, then she's have to understand. She probably would understand beforehand.

Good question.

Just_Wondering said...

@Jackie you seemed to take the words right out of my mouth when you said "Sometimes the most meaningful things don't cost a thing" I think people get so wrapped up in what they can buy to show their love because its something they can use to measure how much the cares about them. Words and actions (e.g.calling me every morning to make sure I get out of bed) is what really catches my eye.
@Malibu- Jackie did make some great comments which I also agreed with. lol
@ Eb I also do the same in terms of getting something myself if it's something I really want.
@Don I think we all would feel obligated to give the person something of equal value or greater. Personally it would be hard for me to accept the laptop...but if it really came from his heart and not to show off in someway, I think that I would just find other ways to express how much I care that can never be bought with money.

@Everyone Thanks So Very Much For Reading and Commenting!

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with jackie edwards. What a man gives u as a gift should not reflect on how much he cares for a woman because i'm a type of gal who appreciates the littlest things he's done for me; don't get me wrong the big things are considered but the little things weight out more. If I want to get him an expensive gift thats because i want to, not because he got me great things; We are not in a competition, we are suppose to be in a relationship, which is mor than giving luxurious gifts.