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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Is it Love? Part 1

As Sheila placed her head on her pillow she closed her eyes thinking about the events of her day. Some parts seemed to flash forward and other thoughts lingered on the very moments that she knew she would never forget. You see Sheila had woken up that morning from that same bed anticipating the events of the day. Maybe to you it wasn't very interesting, but to her there was one highlight that made her feel like the bubbles in a champagne bottle right before the cork is released. That know...that excitement that you can't quite describe. Well Sheila couldn't wait to get started. She hopped in the shower, “lotioned up” and then moved along her morning routine of unraveling her hair so each roller would reveal an array of perfect curls. After she got dressed she knew she was on her way to having a perfect day.

Sheila's doorbell rang thirty minutes after she finished getting ready. She felt flustered. A warm feeling of joy filled her as she opened the door. This was one moment where she lingered on in her memory that night. Her highlight had come. His name was James, James Cadet.

James saw Sheila and couldn't help but smile after she had opened the door. He wondered what was it about this woman that made him feel like nothing could possibly ruin his day as long as she was in his presence.

He said, “Hey, I came to pick up my girl Sheila, I know this is her house but I think I'm looking at someone who looks better then her. Forget Sheila, what's your name?”

As James said this to Sheila, he waited for that moment. It’s that moment when he knows her eyes will light up and the beauty of her smile seems to always be one of the bests things to see every single time he's with her. Sheila swats him on the arm and looks up into his eyes as she receives a kiss and a warm embrace. Sheila still cannot get over how good it feels to be held by him. James envelopes her body knowing just how good she feels and smells every time he goes in for a hug.

The events of the next few hours seemed to flash forward as they left Sheila's house and headed towards the apple orchard. Sheila had never been apple picking as she was a bonafide city girl. However, when James suggested this to her, she thought it was a wonderful idea.As Sheila begins to close her eyes that night her thoughts lingered on her favorite bits and pieces of her experience. James teasing her as she tried to reach an apple and realized she couldn't do it.

“Dag Sheila you have some serious height issues going on there. It’s a good thing you're dating a tall brother like me or you'd be going home with 2-3 apples in you bag!!”

She started laughing, demanded his help as he reached over and grabbed several apples from the tree. She remembered moments like him grabbing her hand as they moved along deeper in the orchard. The way he laughed when she was trying to be serious and he would try to break her concentration by saying something funny. The way he would look at her intently as she told a story from her past.

James loved to watch her facial expressions whenever they were having a conversation. He was guilty of taking in her beauty as she spoke, however he knew if he lingered to long he'd miss out on what she was saying. He felt amazing when she would occasionally stop and realize they weren't holding hands and she'd reach out and grab his.

James kisses Shelia goodbye, gets one more whiff of her hair during an extended hug and tells her “Goodnight, Lelia” and walks to his car to drive home. As they both get ready for bed, as Shelia drifts off to sleep their thoughts lead to this...I think its Love…

Do you think they are in Love? How do you know when you're in Love?


Product Junkie Diva said...

First off little lady, I like the pic, the guy has great teeth. I think I have always liked teeth but now i am noticing the teeth of men so much more...ok that's neither here nor there. LOL
Love, i don't know if it's love I guess so many other factors have to be considered. but how do you know if it's love, i would say in short, when that initial crazy "i can't think of anything but his cute smile" fades and even through rough times he is the one you want by your side. When you are so mad at the person but you couldn't think of being that mad and still in a relationship with anyone else. I think there are so many factors that can define tue love. What is described in the story in lovely and it certainly could be love, who

Don said...

Can't really say if it's love. It certainly appears to be. But to know for sure, I'd have to know their hearts and how it beats towards the other. Maybe they're in love an happy with one another. Enjoyed the read.

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